Healthcare marketing
for hospitals and providers
using SEO

Become a part of the health-seeker's journey;
from medical condition search to selecting a provider.

to start seeing more patients, patients first need to see you. 

What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare Marketing encompasses all the strategies you use to reach new patients, retain current patients, and generally improve patient care by delivering valuable content and resources. Healthcare marketing can take many forms, from traditional advertising to digital campaigns and social media strategies.


Since more than 90% of potential patients start their journey on Google, search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to  any successful healthcare marketing plan. Unlike the short-lived gains of a single ad campaign, medical SEO gives you the highest ROI because the changes you make can be built on over time, producing long-term gains.


Pero SEO is a leading healthcare SEO provider. We specialize in SEO for medical websites, hospital systems, clinics, dental practices, ASCs, and everything in between. Our team can diagnose and treat website technical issues and optimize medical condition pages so that you rank organically every single time. Rather than spending your marketing budget on expensive ads  (digital and otherwise), we focus on making sure you meet patients where they're at: on the first page of search results.


medical seo results chart

Cancer Center site visits climbed  1,148% with medical SEO

Our MEDICAL SEO strategy

Pero SEO does more than just put a bandaid on your website’s problems. We provide customized medical marketing solutions that help you build your authority,  target the patients you want to see, and get them in your doors. We believe that providing credible, detailed information and a flawless user experience is the first step towards growing your patient base. Our team of medical SEO experts will make sure your website:

  • Is technically sound and able to be indexed by search engines
  • Offers a great user experience through easy navigation and unobstructed loading times on all devices
  • Demonstrates subject-matter expertise and authority through third-party endorsement
  • Covers a deep breadth and depth of content that meets prospective patients' needs
  • Ranks with your competitors
  • Makes the most of positive patient reviews
  • Is optimized for Google's algorithms

  medical seo results chart

Houston Cancer Center patient self-referrals increased by 184%.

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