Texas ambulatory surgical center that provided non-insured patients affordable cash-pay options wanted to attract more health-seekers. 

Original page score and word count
Optimized content and its new page score
Traffic increased 409% and session time increase 285% following the content updates


Attract non-insured patients that need a colonoscopy. 


An audit of existing page content revealed the content was thin, lacking keywords and answers patient's questions. To compound the problem,  Google added a 600% premium to ad costs due to the poor content quality, further limiting the ASC's ability to reach prospective clients. 


Our content specialists examined each page and rewrote them so that they addressed healthcare-seeker's most pressing questions. Content was optimized using the same every-day language that searchers themselves use to reach the largest audience possible. 


Not only where the ad cost premiums removed, the page itself improved organically and appeared nationally for many queries related to colonoscopy without insurance. The new page attracted 409% more prospective clients and helped to book more procedures.

409% more pageviews

285% time on page

Ranked #6

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