A novel approach to medical device SEO

Introducing a medical device to consumers is challenging. There are FDA considerations, the challenges of meeting Google algorithm E.A.T. requirements, and then there are the challenges of converting health seekers into actual customers.


Original anxiety page was content heavy and didn't clearly address the search intent or clearly explain how CES devices work.
The revised page featured clearer messaging and narrative language.


Improve conversion rates for a medical device that treats anxiety


The existing anxiety treatment page provided an overabundance of content, much of it repetitive explanations of anxiety disorder or testimonials and infographics that didn't provide much information on how the product worked. When the page finally got around to explaining the device, the language was highly sale-oriented and didn't clearly address how the device helps decrease anxiety in a relatable manner.


Our team decided to make the page more relatable by infusing real patients' experiences into the article. We combed several existing patient journey articles and used those perspectives to create specific descriptions of how the product was used and what outcomes it produced. We also optimized the page using our data-driven approach, thereby ensuring that, in addition to connecting with readers, we were answering their most pressing questions.


Following the content optimization, conversion rates climbed from 6.61% to 15.45%,  an increase of 133.7% compared to the original page. Further, session time improved by over a minute, even though the content depth was reduced considerably and the video removed. 

133.7% Conversion increases

29.4% Session time  

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