Patient Engagement up 582%

Colorado hospital system, wanted to recover from a visibility declines for their eye care program. Traditional approaches to reach new patients had failed. Using new approaches that combine SEO expertise with AI insights they would see 10X increases.

Competitive analysis revealed opportunities and content gaps
Average pageviews increases 582% year-over-year, and time on page climbed 36.6%.


Recover from a 40% loss in visibility.


Content misalignment! Although great efforts were made to enhance the eye-care section, the content updates failed to meet the searchers' intent. Having a primary landing page titled 'eye-care' as opposed to 'ophthalmology' was the first problem. Although the first term has higher search volume, the intent is entirely different: people are looking for eye exams and glasses, not eye diseases like glaucoma.  A further review of each condition page revealed major content and keyword gaps, which meant pages ranked poorly or not at all. Most (75%) of condition pages were not indexed by Google. 


We used search data, rather than traditional agency approaches, to revamped the entire ophthalmology section. We began with with in-depth topic research to uncover all of the health seekers' questions. These were then collated and organized into topic clusters. Using AI technology to examine top competitors, we identified content gaps. Using all of these insights, we optimized each page to address the search intent of the prospective patients. Finally, we built trust and authority by adding both external and internal quality backlinks.


We achieved an average visibility growth of 582% for the entire ophthalmology section. The average time on page increased by nearly 37%. Finally, following optimization, all of pages were indexed by Google, which helped attract new patients. 

582% Pageviews

36.6% Avg. Time

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