Treating SEO Trauma

Launching a new website is always exciting. But when organic traffic declines by 54% as a result, SEO now gets the attention it desires.

Following new site launch traffic declined by 54%
Every broken navigation link created 13K errors, 20 broken links creates 260,620 errors.
Cancer condition pages realized increases in both visits and pageviews.


After launching a new website, a Texas cancer center saw a 54% decline in organic traffic. 


Following a thorough SEO audit, our team realized each page had 13,000 identical navigational links before any original content. This meant Google thought all of the pages were just duplicates and didn't index any of them. Additionally, the site navigation included broken links that went nowhere. The multiplier effect of the same broken links across all 13,000 pages.


Our SEO team resolved all the broken navigation links. We then pruned the entire navigation tree back down to under 500 links, thereby reducing the navigational text on each page.  


With less navigational bloat and more original content visible on each page, Google once again started indexing pages. After one year, organic traffic had climbed by 55%, or over 194,000 more views per month. 

+55% website traffic

+194K site visits

Recovered lost visits

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